Sunday, May 15, 2011


Thanks to vendors like Walmart, Walgreens, Home Depot, A Abiding Home Health, U.S. Home Health, Casa Central, Dimensions Home Health, & XYZ Auction Asset, & sponsors like Food 4 Less, Walgreens, Hot Doug, Dollar's Market, San Juan Bakery, Nick's on North, Dunkin's Donuts, & Speedway Gas, etc.

Thanks to volunteers like Ms. Margaret, Lillian, Alisha, Adam, C. J., Denise, Kim, Reggie, Chappel, Annie, Mike, Benard, Thomas, Joshua, & Christine.

Thanks to the applicants who came out for a job, and some of them did receive one. God is good all the time.

There was so much donated food until most of the applicants were able to eat, which is almost unheard of at anytime. I am talking about breakfast and lunch because God is good; He gets the glory.

Stay tune to the next event in late July or early August 2011, which will be a Job Fair and Health Fair combination in the Austin area given by New Beginning "A Day of Giving NFP.

The survey forms ware filled out by the vendors and will be downloaded later on the blog, and they spoke highly of the event, so did the volunteers and applicants. 

It was a blessing and enjoyable day. Thanks to Casa Central for their space and all the can foods donated by the vendors, volunteers and applicants were donated to Casa Centeral because they are a distribution center for many oganizations, which was approved by the Chicago's Food Depository and New Beginning "A Day of Giving' NFP was happy to comply. New Beginning "A Day of Giving" NFP thanks the 26th Ward Alderman for his endorsement.

Thanks everybody and God bless you and your family,

Christine Rankins, President & CEO
New Beginning "A Day of Giving" NFP

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