Monday, October 11, 2010

" A Day Of Giving"

I want to here from you. Share your ideas, comments , questions about my new book, and how you can get involved with " A Day of Giving:


  1. I had a busy month in October 2010, but November 2010 will prove to be even more so.
    I pray and hope that people will do something to help others everyday and not just on holidays.
    We have to have passion about something or somebody that will allow us to SHOW OUR HEARTS.
    Please buy my book and share one with family and/or friend and do have "A Day of Giving" and email me for help or let me know what you decided to do to make a difference and God bless.

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  3. I received some great news from Jodi that she is writing an article in her paper about my book, How to organize "A Day of Giving" in your community or a community in need. She will share it with all the local schools, etc.
    The book uplifted her until she is ready to pick-up a project that she had put down over three years ago and have already made connections and have set-up a meeting this week. The project is about how to meet needs of single parents and children at risk. A way to go Jodi Lynn Marze. Of course, I am exited that it can make a difference in a person's life and have this person to make a difference in others people's lives. I am filled with joy and excitment for her and the people she will help. Blessings and thanks unto my God who will supply everything that we will ever need. Amen!!

  4. I am happy that The President and Mrs. Obama as well as Mayor Daley of Chicago, IL share the same kindness and appreciation for the book. How to organize "A Day of Giving" in your community or a community in need. See why? It is inspiring, encouraging and uplifting for you, me and everyone who reads it. Remember, part of the proceeds will help food depositories and Haiti. Take care and God bless!!